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Light test shoot with Solid Mission 9 downhill bike

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I was meant to head out on my downhill bike today but one of my friends who was coming along and had my full-face helmet had to cancel at the last minute.  All of my camera kit was in the back of my van so I decided to do a shoot instead and play about with the LED lights I had recently purchased.  This is a bit of a random one but I think it served its purpose to test out my lights and also get a bit of practice in for shooting products.

The best thing about the LED video lights is that they have a very low power draw.  I was able to power a 1000LED and a 500 LED from my van through a 200w power inverter which will be really hand for outdoor shoots.  It was quite an overcast day so the LED lights put out enough power to make a difference.  I think they are meant to be equivalent of around 1000w tungsten for the 1000 LED version.

My DIY dolly was also put into action which is soon to be upgraded to a Glide Track Hybrid system.  The DIY dolly works well, but I will look forward to having a much smaller system to carry around.

The bike itself is a Solid Mission 9 supplied by OC Tuning. I’ve decided to give local downhill races a go again this year after a long time out of the saddle.

That’s it for now.  Hopefully I will get out on my bike tomorrow!


  • That bike looks like a weapon…

    What’s the track playing in the background Andy?

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