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Walking on Cars acoustic session

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Acoustic session with Dingle based band Walking on Cars. Debut single ‘catch me if you can’ out march 14th. Join their mailing list for news and exclusive content: http://www.facebook.com/WalkingOnCars

Walking on Cars were up in Derry, Northern Ireland as part of the Other Voices music weekend. I had some free time on the last day of the Other Voices music weekend before performances in the evening and had my camera with me from the previous day of work, so decided to try to hook up with one of the many bands hanging out around the city.


I got chatting to a band manager from Dingle who was working at the event, and she suggested Walking on Cars. A few phone calls later we had a plan and location – Bennigans Bar, just a few minutes walk away. The owner was really helpful, allowing us to take over half of his bar for the shoot. Regulars even gave up watching the rugby to accommodate us.

The set-up was fairly straight forward as we had limited time and equipment. We decide just to use two members of the band to keep things as simple as possible – piano, guitar and vocals. This was a one camera shoot on a Sony FS700. I used 3x LED lights and Canon EF lenses with a Metabones Speed Booster. I only had limited audio kit with me so had to make do with the mics we found lying around the bar hooked into my Zoom H4N. We used 1x vocal mic and a 1x shotgun mic.

The guys performed pretty much flawlessly for the five takes we ran through to make sure all angles were covered. They are definitely talented musicians. More info on the band can be found below:

Facebook – walking on cars

Twitter – walking on cars

YouTube – walking on cars


The video was cut and graded in FCPX with multi cam using my own FCPX plugins. You can download them here for free

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