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Metabones Speed Booster sample footage

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The Speed Booster adaptor from Metabones comes is various forms. The sample footage here uses the Canon EF to Sony E mount version.

metabones speedboosterThe Speed Booster definitely is a step-up in terms of design from the Metabones mki. Tolerances have been changed on the mounting rings so there is less play between the lens and adaptor. It now also includes an optical element designed by Caldwell Photographic that performs the ‘black magic’, converging light rays into a sharper image and also projecting light from a larger area onto the sensor to give better low light capability. e.g a 50mm f1.4 now becomes a f1.0 with a wider field of view. It is for this reason that APS-C-only lenses will not work. You will need full frame compatible lenses. Another thing to note. They have also increased the size of package by a factor of three. Not too good in terms of environmental factors.

Like previous adaptors from Metabones, this is a smart adaptor, meaning it will transmit aperture and focal length information from the lens to the camera body and display it on the camera info screen. Something simple, but essential to know how wide your lens aperture is open.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 16.57.20

Technical diagram showing how light is directed through the Speed Booster

What can I say? The results are pretty impressive, giving an extra stop of light and noticeably sharper images. I was previously a bit disappointed with the low light performance of the FS700, but this adaptor has changed everything. I see it as an essential piece of kit now. It is expensive, but also great value for money at the same time. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

For more detailed technical explanation, Metabones has released a white paper on the adaptor here. Check out the video below for some sample footage. I only had an hour or so to capture these shots

Shot on a mix of EF lenses
Canon 50mm1.4
Sigma 24 1.8
Canon 24-70 2.8is
ISO from 400 to 1600
Cut in FCPX with some grading.
PP5 with highlights to maxhttps://vimeo.com/58507706

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