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HDSLR using your computer as a monitor

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This is a pretty obvious tip, but one I have totally overlooked because I usually disregard any software that comes with cameras, resorting to third party solutions.  Most Canon DSLRs should come with a piece of software called EOS utility.  It’s only now that I have tested this out with my 7D and it not only offers wired remote control but also remote Live View.

eos utility remote live viewIt’s the remote Live View function that I have found to be the best feature because it has a few benefits over using a HDMI connected monitor.  The first advantage is that you can use both the live view on the computer AND camera at the same time. Usually when using an external monitor connected to the HDMI port the LCD screen switches itself off. It allows you to operate the camera while the client can also see a live preview on your laptop.

If you’ve ever used an externally connected HDMI monitor before you will know that it’s sometimes quite difficult to gauge accurate colour and exposure.  With remote live view I’m not sure what the resolution is, but the match in colour and exposure matches the LCD display on the back of the camera very well.

There are a few other advantages including an eyedropper tool to manually set the white balance, fine tuning of focus and zoom view. Most of the cameras other controls are also available and if you are using an Apple laptop you can use finger gestures on the trackpad for adjustments.

Obviously this is not an ideal setup for all situations but definitely very useful in the right circumstances.


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