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Aerial Cinematography Services

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Honcho Media is one of only a handful of companies in Northern Ireland that has acquired permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out aerial cinematography/video work. If your UAS (unmanned aircraft system) operator does not have this permission they will not be insured.

When choosing a UAS or drone operator it’s advisable to check to see if they have experience across a range of skills. There are some operators that have the best technology, others that come from a photography background, and also some skilled cameramen. It’s the combination of these skills and experience that makes a good UAS pilot to get you the best end results.

Sample footage from one of our test flights:


Why use Honcho Media for aerial work?

  • Permission from the CAA to carry out work
  • Insured service
  • Piloted by professional cameraman / Director of Photography
  • Over 20 years experience in competitive radio controlled vehicles
  • Experienced, professional service/advice on post production workflow to get the most of your footage.

For any given weather conditions, you will have some of the most stable, cinematic, and well composed shots available from any company that provides aerial services.

Winter drone shotFrequently asked questions:

How long is the flight time? We use the latest lithium polymer battery technology to power our drones. Our flight time is limited to approximately 15 minutes per battery. We can fly for longer, but prefer to limited our flight time for safety reasons.

How many flights can you do in a day? Currently we can fly for a total of 90 minutes if in an isolated area without recharge facilities. Our van is equipped with remote charging so usually we have enough power to get us through a whole day.

What about weather conditions? We do not fly in rain and it’s a legal requirement to always keep line of sight, so thick fog can effect our ability to fly. Using advance gimbal technology we can fly in winds of up to 20 knots and still get steady shots.

What quality is the footage? We can record up to 4k resolution at 24 fps, but we recommend shooting at just under 3k. Our footage has been shown on leading television channels including Channel4 and the BBC. All our production company clients have always been more than happy with the footage we provide them with. For exact specs, please contact us.

Is there much preparation involved in a flight? To comply with the law and safety regulations we have to carry out a detailed pre-flight survey. This includes equipment inspection, site recce’s and contact with the relevant authorities including air traffic control, police and land owners. At the very least we like to have 24 hours notice.

Where can I fly? Rural areas are easier to prepare for than cities. For congested areas it is advisable to allow for more time so we can carry out the required checks. By law, we are excluded from flying in certain locations or conditions, so please get in touch for advice you on where you can fly. These rules apply to all UAS operators.

Where do I find out more?

For further information or booking inquiries please email us through our contact form

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