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Red Bull Foxhunt – Ireland 2015

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Published: October 22, 2015 | By Andy

Posted in: Aerial, Portfolio, Video


Foxhunt is one of those crazy events put on by Red Bull. The format of the race – send 400 mountain bike riders off on a mass start to be chased down by pro rider Gee Atherton.

The whole event happened in a duration of approx. ten minutes, so it was a big challenge to capture enough interesting content for the edit.

Our team comprised of 2x superslowmo operators, 3x drone pilots, 3x editors in additional to production crew. We also set up a system to allow riders to submit their own POV footage for inclusion in the edit.

To maximise the online impact and viewship of the edit, Red Bull required a same day edit, including teaser social media edits. We imported and logged over 30 cameras worth of footage within this time.

The Red Bull foxhunt edit was in the top 3 highest viewed videos on the Red Bull Youtube channel the month it was released..


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